In accordance with Article 446 ter of the Belgian Judicial Code, lawyers are free to set their fees within reasonable limits. Fees may vary according to:

  • the scope of the tasks to be carried out
  • the amounts involved
  • the complexity of the assignment
  • the level of technical or specialised expertise required
  • the results achieved
  • the urgency of the matter.

Fees can be set based on:

  • the kind of case involved, its complexity, its urgency, the experience of the lawyer handling the case, and/or the final results
  • an hourly rate that varies according to the nature and importance of the case, the specialisation(s) the lawyer in charge, the complexity of the matter under dispute, and the urgency of the assignment
  • a hybrid system,e., an hourly rate plus a percentage based on the value of the items under dispute.

If we are successful, we will also charge a ‘success fee’ equivalent to a percentage of the sums recovered or saved by the client as a result of a case we win, or of a settlement we negotiate.

All fees are clearly communicated to the client in writing as soon as the case is taken on.

With effect from 1 January 2014, expenses and fees are subject to VAT of 21%.


In addition to the fees, any and all costs incurred in the course of the assignment are charged to the client. These include the costs associated with opening a file, typing, correspondence, photocopying, and travel. All such costs are explained to the client when the file is opened.


In the course of managing your case, certain specific costs may have to be incurred: court costs, bailiff’s fees, translation costs, and expert’s fees. These are out-of-pocket expenses. Wherever possible, these costs will be charged directly to you by the provider. If we bill you, we will always charge just what we paid.


Depending on the progress being made in a given case, requests for interim payments may be sent to the client for services already rendered as well as for those yet to be rendered. At the end of the assignment, we will draw up an overview of costs and fees, taking into account any payments that have already been made.